Well now I don't know what to do

I have two choices

  • Try another medication and see if that helps
  • Cut my loses and just get on with things

The mental health services have proven how shockingly slow they really are.

Honestly, these people. I have just come off Clozapine, and it took them a whole day to respond to find out why. This is bearing in mind that you have to restart Titration if you go 48 hours over, so losing a day is quite shocking to me that half our ‘cushion’ is now long gone with no action

Anyways, nuts to Clozapine, the side effects were too much

The real question is whether to bother to be more ‘recovered’, or accept that the chips have fallen now and that’s where they will finish

If that is the case, I am no longer fit for work. That much is clear… We’re ■■■■ out of further treatment options now where the side effects don’t outweigh the benefit, so all hope is lost on that front IMO

Just really sucks to have got this far just to sit still for the duration, and wait to die of natural causes


keep striving to be stable
Life gets easier then.
Consider the injections, or other ap.


I’m sorry to hear that the Clozapine didn’t work for you, and that they wasted a day when you needed help. It’s so hard changing meds. I hope things improve.

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You can’t give up. I think a lot in line with what your outlook on all this so I can’t say be positive…

Some of the things you’re saying really hits home.

But. You have to try. And you been through too much to give in RN.

Hope you keep us updated.


Please don’t give up on finding the right treatment for you.

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That’s what is next on the cards I think after speaking with the team this afternoon.

Thanks @Tadasana - tell me about it - I hate when the meds need adjusting. Painful process at times.

I will try not to lose hope, but everything seems to be made so hard, when really it shouldn’t be. Currently I am largely on my own with the damaged thoughts, and it’s difficult to see my way out of it at the moment.

I will continue to try. @Jimbob 's comments on a potential new drug for me was encouraging. Especially after reading about it online.


Did you have positive symptoms on Amisulpride?

Yes. All through Covid, the appointments were on the phone, and my pdoc apologised for focusing on Anxiety as a standalone and not just a symptom of the ASD & SZ…

I saw him f2f, and he advised a change in course of treatment

Covid sucks ass. I have seen my business tank last year, lost my job before that after a suicide attempt in 2020 - and now in 2022 I am very close to losing a great opportunity with a local business as an analyst

It has ■■■■■■■ ruined everything I have worked towards, and I have been chasing my tail round and round in circles whilst this has all gone to rat ■■■■


Maybe thats more stressful than landscaping?

Probably, but the Landscaping is only a small part. The admin and project work/ quoting takes up a whole lot of time, and I dropped the ball on it last year and ended up running out of work - plus cancelling what I did have due to poor mental state under advice of my case manager

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Good luck!!! 151515

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