Well, my uncle liked it


I sent him a Christmas video which was a mix of ages.


I like that song. And that was Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers if I’m not mistaken.




I would loooooove to dance like that.
Infact one of my dreams is to dance :dancer: like that.

When I lived in Queensland I took rock n roll dance lessons for beginners and it was so nice until I got paranoid about everyone there.

I had such a great dance partner and he even took me to intermediate dance lessons and I could keep up :open_mouth:.

They have no dance classes out where I live now.


I took a couple of ballroom dance classes at community college years ago. Now, I can dance like a dream with a strong lead. I was taught how to follow. No one at these classes would teach me how to lead. Even though I begged.


THANK YOU, for your appreciation of the best.

These things will never die.


Glad to hear this wasn’t about incest. It was almost click bate.



OH I love you too.


I want to get next to you, so much.


My world is empty with out you you babe.

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