Well my job isn't easy

I said it was easy, but I go in at 10:00 am on a Friday and I know I will be vacuuming until 2:30 pm.
Unloading trucks 25 years ago was a lot harder but being on my feet now for so long now is tiring.
On Wednesdays I go in at 10:00 am and clean restrooms until 2:30 pm.
On Mondays I sweep and mop the lobby and vacuum and mop two gyms. I get off at 4:00 pm.


Well on the positive side, it’s sound like not only do you get paid, it sounds like you get some decent exercise in too, which is a plus. If I got another job again I would want a job like that. You kill two birds with one stone.


Yeah, you’re right @Bowens.


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