Well moved back home

I’m more relaxed here as it’s a dead zone for internet etc with my paranoia I feel safer lol.

But my grand ma starts house work farm work and everything at 630. I tried explaining I’m on meds I can’t do that everyday, but bc this is an invisible illness I believe she thinks I’m lazy.

Can’t win for losing.


Maybe you could give her some reading material on negative symptoms. Do you have a printer to print stuff out?

No unfortunately not. I thought about taking her to therapy with me I dunno.

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Sorry about the laziness part, it’s definitely not laziness… holding it together with this illness to the point where others aren’t burdened by it is a daily chore.

I recently moved back to where I’m from too. I lived in Northern Virginia from birth to age 35, then moved to California for two years, and moved back late last year. In the time I was gone, gambling on sports became legal, so now there are sportsbook ads ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Also things got more expensive while I was gone, but are still cheaper than California.

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I got bored living on my own which left me with a lot of time to over think and listen for voices it was aggravating to say the least.

I’m fed up with fighting this illness sorry just one of those days.

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