Well, let's keep things light, and normal, while we're questionable crazy

you know, you guys, they said after Virginia Woolf’s book, 3 Gunieas,
‘of an odd mind’

well who is history didn’t? that doesn’t offend me.

I didn’t even know that about my plays ad sketches, them saying, they’re weird.
well, I didn’t try to make 'em weird!

Lighten up kid. Dont be a ■■■■■■■ weirdo. JK.

you shouldn’t have responded. not worth it.

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I thought it would make you laugh.
I think should think really hard about it and then post again.

nah. I’m just trying to get over other comments. idk.

Be careful. Don’t end up on a 5150.
I like you @Daze. But when you’re having really intense symptoms, you get a little hard to take. Take care of yourself.
Honestly, best wishes.
Sorry if it sounded like I was trying to ■■■■ with you.

Can you give me a summary of the book?

perhaps you should find someone else to analyze?

I don’t really think I do the same.

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and then there’s drink, and food, and money, and sex!

I don’t know who you’re talking to. I’ve written a lot.

I’m talking about the book you mentioned in the first post.

ohhh, okay. are you sincere about knowing.

I don’t recall you getting involved in the conversation,
was this days ago?

but yeah, poetry. but I’ve done lots else.

I really hope I’m not the one who sent you in a spiral. I’ve been nothing but nice to you. I still like you.:smiley:

thanks. no foul. I’m going to lie down. I don’t know, I’m over anything, don’t hang on. I sure don’t.

Have a good night @daze.

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