Well it's official everyone, I'm going back to school next month

I wasn’t grossed out per se. I told the teacher I was against dissection for animal rights reasons. That’s why the instructor became so enraged. :flushed:

I dissected a frog in high school biology class. Plus I did the extra credit project where you had to remove all the flesh from the frog, clean and reconstruct the frog skeleton and dress up the frog skeleton in a homemade costume. For the life of me, I can’t remember what I dressed the frog skeleton up as. :thinking:

I do remember I got in big trouble at home for using one of my mom’s pots to boil the frog skeleton in to get the flesh off. Because of the formaldehyde in the frog, it permanently discolored and ruined the cooking pot. Oops! :grimacing:


I’d like to dissect a banana split right now and cram it down my throat.


we grew up eating frogs in lime sauce and coriander :flushed:


Congratulations !