Well its like this

I was hearing a alarm for a year and a half now.the alarm was there when I shower,when I eat,and sleep also there when I woke up. I will hear the alarm while I’m in school on the bus walking,jogging and there when I worked out and did hill sprints.my alarm will lift my spirits and then try to take me to hell.
one night I could not get any sleep, I had daja vu sevral times that night it was kind of scary and odd. I felt the spark in my head.i did a bunch of google research,and found what I was looking for and more.that alarm is still going off.
then I found a bunch of people who were hearing alarms all day to.some of them has been hearing all kinds alarms for more than 20 years.then I looked into it more and more.that alarm that dam alarm.then I blacked out and woke up at 2 in the morning.then I finally realized that alarm is nothing more than a alarm.it cant hurt me,only I can hurt myself,only I can solve my own problems.
I was up until it was time for me to get ready for school.so I get in the shower with a big smile on my face,while the hot water god coverd my whole body.i coverd my whole body in dove for men sope then I drop my rag and leand on the wall.:slight_smile:
I was still smileing then,it got quiet,i cnat hear the alarm nor can I hear the water splashing at the bottom of the tube.an older and more handsome version of me appeard,he was a inch taller and 6 pounds heavier and looked more muscular with a nice skin fade, a custom prom suit or a wedding suit.then he put his god like hand on my shoulder, I notice the gold watch.he had a grin on his face,he said with a deep voice, you lost several battles and several friends,and family memebers trust,but believ me when I tell you this,you will win the war.
I blinked my eyes 3 times and was back in my bed,watching sons of anarchy on Netflix.the alarm got lound and said I know where you been. I smiled and said sure,my sister walks in and tells me to stop acting crazy and go take a shower.when I got out and put my school uniform and brush me teeth.i had made a goal,that goal to make 4 goals and complete them along with my new year goals which was 62 goals. I re read that goal list, I smiled my alarm said fool.i realized I made 62 unnecessary goals so I examined it and it turns out to be seven…the next few months will be challenging.the alarm scream bet 3 times,i smiled and then laugh and said.:pensive:

Sounds like quite the experience.

@Im18now Do you take any meds for this? Does it happen a lot?


i stop takeing my meds…my future self and blacking out was the wat ifs at the back of my head…

Ah, I see. Why stop taking them?

I’m 18 too and much more functional with them than without them.

There not working i herd 3rd time the charm but i just slowly learn to control myself a littil and i just dont give the alarm the time of day.they get piss and scream all the personal events that happen in my life…but i realize there not real.cant let them ruine my life.how im suppose to listen to the alarms if im focusing on the convo.i learning to be strong :rage:

I wish you luck! Sometimes 3rd times is the charm however.

Yea but i like taking chances in life for what its worth.im not going to let them win…

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