Well, I'm no position, but I do know a thing or two, since all the guys are talking about wanting women

Women want a man’s ear and attention

they want a man’s time and affection

they want a man’s future

and care little about the past or your terrible divorce or track record

women want men that follow up on things they’ve said or done
with greater shows of emotion and intelligence


will you notice if I have make up on today?

Will you notice if I bought you something you buy, or call it your own?

Will you read the books I’ve read just to know me better?

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and then you go in the car to get smokes

and the commercial on the radio is a mother

praising that she can go into Walgreen’s on Valentines day
and get her young daughter beauty packets

and her son a baseball mitt

I think the greatest single thing so far I’ve seen with Phil

was him sitting at the table sewing his own jacket

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