Well I'm Back

It’s been awhile. Glad to see most of the people I remember are still here. There are also a bunch of names I don’t recognize. I have got a lot to update. My brother has passed away,in July of last year. He went into a diabetic coma and never recovered. He was 36 years old. I took it pretty hard, and in October ended up in the hospital for three days in the mental ward of the VA hospital in Tampa for voices telling me to kill myself. But now I am dealing with his death in a healthy way, and it shows me I need to get my own diabetes under control.

Since then I have gotten back into teaching myself website design. The code relaxes me. I have recently launched a website dedicated to schizophrenia awareness, but I am not going to spam the forums with my link. I am also taking part in a program by the VA called VR&E. That stands for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment. I am hoping they send me to school to be a web designer, but I think that maybe my counselor thinks I have overshot my goals having schizophrenia and all, so I have to do all this stuff to prove I can do it. I have to work for goodwill to prove I am fit to go back into the workforce, then I have to start school very slowly to give them time to monitor my grades. Yeah, it sucks having to do stuff that other veterans don’t because I have schizophrenia, But I have a “bring it” attitude and am looking forward to proving myself.


Welcome back!

Sorry about your brother. Good thing that you are back on track.