Well I tried to update my Health Card but

Well I took the bus to get to the ServiceOntario location to update my red card to an ID card with my photo.

But when I got there, there was so much of a line up that I would have had to have waited at least 3 hours.

So, since it was a sunny day, I decided to walk back home. On the way, I picked up some beers.

The total trip home was 12.54 kilometers.

Then here, I posted a video that seems to have received no comments.

What the heck ?

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other than that, I had been commenting on YouTube with another fellow about making self repairs.

“I have also repaired my home made 1978 speakers. They each contain one 15" woofer, two mid-range drivers, and four tweeters. I had to rebuild the woofers since the outer foam rings had each turned to dust due to age. Repair cost was $27. And I repaired my 1978 HEATHKIT audio power amplifier after a few transistors had blown. Again just a few dollars to fix it. Plus I repaired my 1987 DENON DCD-900 CD player since it was skipping tracks. All it needed was a few drops of electric shaver oil on the slide mechanism that moves the LED across the CD. Then I repaired my microwave oven by picking up someone else’s oven which was tossed onto the curb for disposal. All the electrical parts I needed to repair my oven were perfectly good in this trashed oven. Then years later on the oven turntable was not working. So I took the motor apart and fixed it. All it needed was a couple of drops of glue to stop the donut shaped magnet from spinning without spinning the gear that is supposed to be attached to it at the same time. And I repaired my electric shaver after the power adapter kicked the bucket. I replaced the adapter with another old adapter that I held on to from years ago that just needed a few modifications. Despite these items going back as far as 1978, they are all working as good as new to this day. But I also repaired my SAMSUNG TV which would simply not turn on. All it needed was for me to jiggle some internal connectors to remove oxidation, and bingo, it was up and going again. And I repaired both my DEVIL vacuum cleaner and my BISSELL carpet cleaner. In both cases, just a little mechanical know how was all that was required to fix both. And last but not least, I repaired my old Black&Decker coffee maker. It would only spit out 8 cups of coffee rather than the proper 12 cups, and even then it took forever. After a few mechanical fixes for no cost, then boom its up and going as good as new even today. I love repairing, and of course saving money.”

Just after doing so, my back was bothering me, so I decided to watch further YT videos on my SAMSUNG TV while sitting on my couch.

But my SAMSUNG TV would not turn on.\

So I took it apart to see if it had the same problem as before.


This time it was due to now being a defective 1,200 uF 25vdc electrolytic capacitor.

But I did not have a 1,200uF capacitor sitting around, but I did have two 1,000uF 25vdc capacitors. So I hooked the two of them together in parallel to create 2,000 uF 25vdc.

These capacitors were from way back in about 1986, so their capacitance value no doubt had diminished over the years.

Anyhow, it worked. My 11 year old SAMSUNG TV was now up and working again.

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