Well I must say

Other than this extreme cold snap over a week and a half we had way above normal temps November, December and January. And so very little snow compared to normal. This next week will again be way above normal. So I really can’t complain. I’m thankful.


what’s are typical average temperatures for winninpeg in the winter? that’s in manitoba right? we had a warm december and january, but this february was about 15 degrees below average temperatures. im getting a little bummed and depressed but looking at the forecast, it will warm up in 3 days. we had, had a stretch of over 640 days in a row without temperatures in the single digits fahrenheit, but that streak was snapped last week when it got down to 2 degrees fahrenheit.


we only had short cold period just recently and that was like -12°C so i can’t complain but now it’s warmer again, gonna be 16°C coming weekend apparently.


In January and February it is usually between -15°c/5°f and -35°c/-31°f. If you factor in the windchill it gets a lot colder.

In summer it gets to +35°c/96°f but it is super humid here so it feels a lot hotter.

I have relatives from the south. Reminds me when they used to say; “Well, Ah declare!”

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