Well, I must be officially old now....its infiltrated my dreams

Just woke up from a dream. In it there was some fighting contest where you had to mutually accept an opponent. I ended up picking and antagonizing some middle aged gentlemen to be my opponent that was around my real current age. Once the fact that your almost 50 has infiltrated your dreams, you know that it is starting to seep into your psyche.

I don’t remember a whole lot else about the dream.

Btw, this was one of least negative dreams I have had in a long time(at least that I can remember). It was mostly neutral although slightly violent I guess(fighting). It may have turned bad eventually if it were allowed to go to its conclusion, but it ended before any of the action happened. Ended “midway”.

What about you? Are you your current age in your dreams?


Never considered age in my dreams.


I suppose I’m my current age but what I mainly remember from dreams is the traumatic feeling i have when I awaken. My memory banks don’t recall much of them because they are recurring dreams which probably means it has to do with my ptsd.

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I’m usually younger and in better physical condition. I know this because I can run, walk, and do everything I did on my 20s with ease.

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This has totally happened to me.

I’ll have a dream where I’m in my 20’s body and then realize, in the dream, that I’m indeed older and not in great shape.

Seems that I’m always in my 20s in my dreams.

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