Well I may be off to mexico

Found out here I have to pay $1800 to get full dentures.
If I go to Mexico they will cost $390.
Flight is $250.
Hotel will be $200.
So that’s $840.
Save almost $1000 and get a mini vacation.


thats actually a really good idea…

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Make sure you go to a well renowned place. I’ve had quite a bit dental work done in Tijuana. 9 out of 10 times it has been good. That one time was a different dentist and I she didn’t do a terribly good job with a crown. I still plan on going to the good dentist. Just be careful is all I’m saying.


Your dentists sound like ours over here in Australia. Expensive!! However, i’m too scare of getting botched jobs so i’ll just go to the dentist here that charges the least. Glad to hear you’re moving toward a new set of chompers.

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