Well, I have food poisoning today

I could bitch about it but I just wanted to remind everyone that I am human and that I am dysfunctional today.

This sucks. I can’t think straight among other things.

Mouse tapped out when he woke up at 5 and vomited several times. Then he tried meds and coffee and breakfast but it didn’t help much. It burns when he urinates. He thinks that part is funny.

Mouse wants to wake up well tomorrow and function again. It hurts his self esteem when he has to tap out.

Tapping out is what you do in fighting when you are being put into a submission. You tap the opponent repeatedly and the ref stops the fight.

Mouse feels like crap, but he is reminding himself that he has been through worse. Mouse was on a roll and he has been derailed for today.

Mouse kept waking up from nightmares last night and slept very poorly.

Mouse called his shrink and shrink calls back eventually. Mouse is icky by many means today.

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Hope you feel better soon.

Get well soon mouse.

What did you eat?

Rest up. Hope it doesn’t last long.

Rest well, be well, Mouse hope is just a 24 hour thing

Some Taco Bell, cottage cheese, then I had ramen, broccoli, salmon and chicken for dinner. Some of that is literally fishy.

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That’s a lot of everything! Take some probiotics in the morning for a couple of days

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:laughing: :mouse:

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i had a kidney infection last week today is last day on antibiotics

feel better :pensive:

Oh boy! I just brushed my teeth at 830pm since being ill since 430am and it made me throw up yet again!

Mouse versus the poisoned cheese!

Mouse used his meds! It’s not very effective…

Mouse talked to his shrink! It’s super effective!

Poisoned cheese used comeback punch! It’s super effective!

Mouse is feeling like an abdomen is gonna tear again like when he squatted way too much!

Mouse used Nexium! Poisoned cheese is asleep!


Offers Mouse a Master ball to use on Poisoned Cheese
Be well


Get well soon mouse

Feeling better yet mouse? X
Hope it’s all passed x

Are you feeling better today?

Thanks for the concern- yes I am awake after solid sleep and drinking my morning coffee. My shrink told me I had overworked myself and made myself ill, so I am going to not work like crazy this weekend. Basically just not going 200% effort like 10am to 930pm productive. That was too much.

I will still get my work done, just not obsessively all at once.

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You’re a perfectionist. Take it easy with yourself, we want you well.

Yeah, my perfectionist solution to the hardships I face taught me a lesson.

I can’t be perfect. It’s my bane. It made my immune system crash.

Today I will do well. Not perfectly well, just well.

I’m really my own worst enemy.

Yeah we all are our worst enemies.

Perfectionism is cool if you know how to handle it. It’s an art really