Well, I guess I don't deserve love anymore

People rejected me from residence twice and rejected me from band trip because I was sz…

so how can I hate myself more because I have this stupid illness?

Thank you. I don’t deserve to exist.

You shouldn’t hate yourself. Those people are ignorant bigots and hate people. Don’t let them make you like them. You have a physical illness, no less worthy of proper treatment and protection, than cancer. Ignorant people don’t know enough about things and choose to discriminate. I really feel they’re being dishonest because of greed.


I’m tired of hating myself, and being hated. But hating myself is the norm now

If you look around, you would find more ignorant people than good people.

Believe me, I’ve been discriminated enough.

I know. I get discriminated against too. Right now there are people lying about me, just because they don’t want me to have money. It’s so funny, when I worked about 30 years, no one was lying about me. They expect people to believe, when you get old, your character suddenly changes? They’re just greedy liars, who like causing problems. They want you to hate yourself. They don’t deserve the satisfaction.

you don’t need to hate yourself more… you should try to be nice to yourself =(

You do deserve to exist!


Sure you do. .,…

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