Well I got Invega Sustenna for free and started yesterday. It works great!

I have been having symptoms since June this year (2019, it’s almost October). I had an injection of Invega Sustenna and it worked almost immediately. No symptoms at all. I also started 50 mg of zyprexa which took away my anxiety. I feel a LOT better.


That’s great news! Just goes to show if you keep fighting there’s always hope.

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I take invega sustenna I still get some symptoms positive ones delusions and all anxiety as well occasionally

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I get the Invega Sustenna monthly injection - 156 mg. I was taking the 234mg first and after 8 months I got it successfully lowered. I want to go lower but I’m scared. It took a little time but it’s been a huge difference because I have a life now and my mind has stabilized a lot. I still have minor side effects that I deal with but even those have eased up with time. It’s been a miracle drug for me.

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Is this drug similar to abilify matena …
what is in it
how long for each injection.

It a one month shot like abilify matena. But slightly different mechanism of action. Abilify Mantnes is a partial dopamine 2 agonist. Invega Sustenna is a dopamine 2 antagonist. That’s the main difference.