Well, I didn't pass

My instructor came and gave me my lesson today and I thought I was all ready for him and done with my pieces but, noooo. He picked Peer Gynt Suite apart and said my fingering was “all wrong” and needed to be redone. He taught me today the scientific way of doing fingering. I almost didn’t understand it but figured it out at the last second before our hour was up. At least now I know how to do fingering. I’m not just “winging it”.

I already have the new fingering to Peer Gynt Suite worked out already. It is perfect. It took me forty minutes to figure out but I can already play it easily.

I didn’t have time to get around to playing Chrysanthemum for him at all today. It’s a long piece. Oh well. I’ll play it for him next week.


Geez. Sounds complex but well done on figuring it out.

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Way to PERSEVERE @SkinnyMe!! That’s determination!!

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That’s a gift you have - you can learn quickly! Way to go!


That’s alright @SkinnyMe you practised and that’s what matters. Practice doesn’t necessarily mean perfect, but it’s a step forward.

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As a layman I have no idea what fingering is. Sounds like very complex. It’s never easy to play a music instrument well. Glad you have figured it out.

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