Well have had 3 showers in 3 days

First was at my mums. The last two have been off my own back in my flat. Pretty chuffed with myself.


That’s really good news!

Have you ever tried to set up a reward system for showering and being in the routine of showering? I don’t know if it would help but you could say you want to shower by nine am everyday and if you do that, you get a reward like an extra cup of coffee or something else that would motivate you.


I don’t know what “chuffed” means, but if it means you’re proud you should be. I’m proud of you too.


3 showers in 3 days? You beat the sz world record! :stuck_out_tongue:


i try and have one every week but its not easy

i the scientists recommend a weekly wash

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Nice !! It’s been so hot at the moment I’ve had like 5 showers. :flushed:

I think he means being happy with ones self :slight_smile: so yeah