Well guys i failed

I let myself down today, I had to go to an antenatal class today (baby class) and I ended up having a panic attack and crying in front of everyone else. The father of the Baby was supposed to be there and he cancelled on coming so I had to go by myself and I suffer with anxiety really badly.

I just felt so weird and strange and now I can’t stop crying, feel so pathetic even though I can’t help it.


A girl like you should never have to cry. Hope you feel better. Sometimes I don’t have the right words to say

Soory for the bad times…u can help ur self…feel strong urself …u should know that life’s full of up and down…ur going to be good next time…

It is not a fail, you are strong and you can beat your problems, it’s an accident not the end of the world,

I dont suffer from any big social anxiety under normal circumstances but I remember I did feel strange at the baby class with my wife. It was just a very strange class the kind of things you had to do. Well, it makes sense that the father should be there as many exercises are with the partner together. I dont think it makes sense to go by yourself. I have to say, the father of your child is not very responsible and trying to take this father role on like a man. If you make a child, you have be responsible for everything that comes with it. Its just so bad to leave the mother fending for herself with the child. Even if you have a real problem with the mother, you should have feelings for your child that you made and is your flesh and blood. If youi have no feelings of love and responsibility for your own child as the father, then you are pathetic. This is my honest opinion.

Don’t cry! It’s okay, because you tried. Having the father of your baby cancel is a jerk-move. He should have been there, at least if it was only for the class. I’m sorry you had to experience that though.

Take care sweetie :sunflower:


Thank you @moonwalker, it was just an embarrassing situation to be in, I avoid social contact with people I don’t know like the plague.

@far_cry0 thank you for the positive words, I’ll try keep my head up!

@aliali thank you for the positive outlook!

@Normalone completely agreed, I really needed him for the moral support but he let me down, My mum is going to come with me to the next three classes!! Thank you for your words!!

@MissJennyJen thank you lovely, it’s an experience that I can learn from, he’s cancelled on 4 appointments now, I’m willing to take full responsibility for my baby and do both roles if necessary, hopeyou take care too!


Take care @spiderpig Everything will be Ok. :v:

I had a panic attack in class the other day, so it’s impossible to predict when these things will happen.


@Montezuma thank you!! It just goes to show it can really attack at any point, never safe from anxiety and panic attacks. I couldn’t breathe properly and it was stressing me out that I was drawing attention to myself!

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Let the father of your baby know that you need his support. He might not understand all the hardship and effort of making a new person. It’s his responsibility to help you all he can.