Well for goodness sake

I am just sitting here, reading the forum, listening to Twenty-One Pilots just like every other day but today…

I am happy, I don’t know why!?! I’m not even all that interested in why. I mean obviously it’s the welbutrin but I don’t care. I’m HAPPY. That never happens, not really. I mean things happen in my life that I know are supposed to be happy occasions, I smile at the appropriate times fairly well I think, but I don’t actually feel anything usually, not significantly. But today I can actually feel it.

So just for a little bit I’m going to just be happy, completely oblivious, just like the other happy people.


Wow, that’s fantastic !! @tera you are inspiring me. I was worried about you. I love you.

I love you, too. That is so sweet. But I am quite wondering why everyone seems so worried about me. Did something happen to me? Did I have a blackout and have an episode or something? Or was I suicidal? I really can’t think of why people are worried.

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