Well, at least I'm not suffering

But I’m having a helluva hard time. Yes, all you good people, the symptoms do become less intense and intrusive as you get older. i think other people my age on here can attest to that… But some of these symptoms are still persistent and making my life rough.

But hey, I had my good moments today despite going through a mini-hell last night.

I don’t know if my roommate likes me or not. I often don’t care. But we talk and joke around. Last night, I couldn’t sleep. I was tossing and turning and going crazy until 4:00 am. And my roommate was tossing and turning too and I thought it was my fault and I thought I kept him up all night. I was thinking, " He doesn’t have to put up with my crap there’s rules here". So it bummed me out. Imagine my surprise when he tells me in this afternoon, " Man, I slept great last night, that’s the best sleep I’ve got in a long time." So that was a relief.

You may be wondering why I care. Because, I’m not ancient but I am older. And I’m set in my ways and I was used to living by myself for 6 years and not being so boxed in with another person. and it’s a small room and I’m worried about bugging other people with my habits or making them nervous.

So I’m conscious of that. Any way, I guess I’m rambling and starting to sound like a Seinfeld episode.
Hey, folks, here’s a thread about nothing".