Well ain't that sumthin'


I’ve been looking at college broadcast programs out of interest. Here’s the radio broadcasting suite at Seneca College:

It’s actually smaller than what I have in my basement right now. Yeah, their broadcast console is bigger than mine and they’re using an expensive automation package (looks like Wide Orbit), but I’ve got about 4x the gear. As to the console, I’m arsed if I understand why they have that many inputs for that little equipment - seems like poor design.

I’ve pursued this so hard as a hobbyist for the past four years I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that most of their program would be redundant for me.


Is redundancy a bad thing? What if you learn a game changing idea?


How do you make the jingles for your station? I listened to it for 5 minutes the other day, don’t think it is my type of music though.


Great hobby and I’d imagine very interesting. I love an ex college radio station over here. It has a lot of really good inclusive programs and plays a lot of music that flies under the radar of mainstream radio. It’s a worthy thing bringing people stuff that isn’t on the mainstream agenda. Well done you.


Well, I’m certainly open to it, but the amount of money involved for a degree is … up there. Can’t justify it for something that is strictly a hobby. I try to network with and learn from other broadcasters whenever possible. Cheaper solution for now.

Some are me, some are from a service called Imaging Thing ($2 each), and I trade labour with other stations a LOT. I’ll do dry voiceovers of their scripts and they’ll do mine. I’m trying to avoid having everything in my own voice. Gets old for listeners.

I’ve got a fairly extensive library of imaging elements that I’ve collected over the past four years, and that helps.


■■■■ dude I got an athletic scholarship for school. I forget costs. Yeah, when I looked into grad school, I went wtf, you want me to pay that much ffs. Now I can’t justify it at all. Therapy, med stuff etc monopolizes my world


That’s not me. If someone wrote a children’s book about me running a race it would be The Tortoise and the Snail. You can guess which one I am.

Oh, yeah, absolutely. The other problems being:

  1. There are fewer and fewer jobs in the radio industry thanks to consolidation, automation, and remote voice tracking. How do you ever recoup the investment in the education?
  2. I’m 15 years away from retirement age in my country – it’s a bit late!
  3. None of these colleges are remotely close to me at all.
  4. Like I’d last more than a week in a classroom setting. I mix with groups of people like oil and water mix. It would be symptom city and I’d be full-on China Syndrome in a month.

That’s true. As my traffic goes up I’m starting to get thank you emails from new and lesser known artists who are obviously searching streaming services (e.g. to see if their song is being played and I’m showing up in those searches. Glad I’m doing the little bit I can to help spread some love for them.


Can I have a link to your radio station, @MrSquirrel?
I’ve heard talk about it, but I’ve never actually listened to it. I could do with some broadening of my musical horizon



why not get on youtube as well? lol


Or Podcasts???


Google already has too much influence over my day-to-day life – not voluntarily giving them anything extra. They can eat me.

I used to do podcasts, well, I archived some shows as such. I’m working on a new show for this coming fall called “What the @#$% did I just listen to?!?” and that will be archived in podcast form. Need to get through an upcoming home sale and move first.


Thanks! I’ve bookmarked it :smiley:
I like the music so far. Especially the one with the beep boops in the chorus :smile:


If you want to listen on a phone or tablet, get the XiiaLive app, it’s free. Once you have it, open Directories, change to Shoutcast, and search for Squirrel FM. You’ll find us and can fave it. It keeps an excellent playing history so you can find out the artist/title for any song you liked. I don’t bother with back announcing songs now because, between Shazaam and online info display, it just distracts from playing more music.


Which icon is the favorite icon?


I got a message that Squirrel FM wasn’t available. I probably did something wrong. New at this.


wow kick ass @MrSquirrel !!


Circled in red. It’s grey by default, tapping it turns it white and adds a station to your faves.



What an interesting hobby!

Do you broadcast only on the internet? Can it be picked up by DAB radios?

Do you have to pay royalties to the artists/music you play? Do you need a licence to broadcast? If so, how much does it cost you? Is it a big outlay getting the equipment to do it? Ahh so many questions…



That’s correct.

DAB was outdated five minutes after it hit the market (like BluRay). Wouldn’t bother with it even if it wasn’t heavily regulated.

I have three separate licenses for organizations that handle different aspects of paying royalties to artists. These licenses cover the royalties. There is no income involved at all so I don’t even have to keep a log of the songs I’ve played (although my system does anyhow).

95% of what I’m doing runs off a used PC and monitor that cost me $150. There is a second PC as a hot spare that listens for “dead air”. After 15 seconds of silence it takes over. That cost another $100. Arrakis broadcast console was $3,000. Audio processing hardware mics, cables, etc., another $4,000. All the PCs running it, about $3,000. Pioneer DDJ control surface, about 2,000 back in the day.

Licensing, $450 per year. Music about $1,200 per year. Home Internet is gigabit and $1,200 per year. Stream hosing is about $120 per year. All amounts in Canadian dollars.

Still cheaper than drinking and smoking.