Weirdest side effect you have had

What is the weirdest side effect you have ever had? Mine was an inability to climb in bed and pull the covers over me. Not a physical inability but more a phobia.

I couldn’t put my legs under the duvet. Know this sounds strange but my body just wouldn’t let me. My mum had to tuck me into bed. This got so bad that I had to go back on the ward (had been allowed to go home for a few days).

Akathisia from risperdal. It was a complete nightmare that took 3 trips to the ER for doctors to figure out what was happening. I could do nothing but pace the hospital room and kept bothering the nurses and security asking where my doctor was. It was so bad that it made blinking no longer a subconscious thing for me, I felt every single blink I made and would fixate on the feeling of it. I was also fixating on thoughts of losing it and doing something like jumping out of the car on my way to the ER and thrashing the whole hospital room. It was really scary, especially since I had no idea akathisia is what I was experiencing and thought I must have been having something along the lines of another psychosis.

Night sweats with night terrors. Would dream of bleeding to death and lying in a pool of my own blood. Only to wake to find I’m lying in a huge pool of sweat. I can’t remember which med that was though…But still freaks me out just thinking about it.

Akathisia is just the worst. Like yourself I had it on respiridal (although not as bad as yourself it seems). Like you I didn’t know what was going on - I just thought I was agitated and couldn’t sit down. As a result I took more respiridal thinking it would help me relax and bam! Things just got worse.

I have read reports of people commiting suicide because of akathisia and I can believe it - it is like being tortured.

Have only had night terrors once after spending the evening reading books about crazy religious cults - it was horrible. How many times did you get night terrors?

About 5 years ago, I developed torticollis (head turns to one side). It made my neck cramp up, and it lasted almost a year! SO SO relieved when that stopped. I was so embarrassed by my appearance.

Was that due to APs? If so do you mind saying which ones? Have a real fear of dystonic reactions

I had that same dream while I was on the med for about a month or two constantly. The med ended up triggering psychosis in the end so a lot of my time on that med is a blur. Especially my stay in the closed ward. Fun times all around.

Yes, Abilify caused it.

Haldol gave me a skin rash and I was so painfully stiff… all the joints and muscles just ached… super stiff.

It also made my tongue stick out. I would stop thinking about it, and my tongue would stick out.

Aside from akathisia I’d have to say brain zaps.

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My meds make me feel like I’m going to die. My heart rate goes crazy. I feel light headed and dizzy. And so weak that I feel paralyzed

Dystonia-like side-effect on risperdal especially when my eyes try hard to look backwards.

I drool. I have to be conscious of it, or I will drool. My pillow is soaked these days.

I had no idea what it was called until you said it. Brain zaps! I looked it up and thats the same side effects I have with my medicine too. Ive been wondering what that weird feeling is called.

Kicking my leg like a pissed off mule…Latuda. Never again. Goddam sugar pill with side effects! Booooo! It’s called akathisia

It’s interesting… because that was my short experience on Geodon. That med was not meant for me.


I really like my latuda.

I’m thinking… maybe it’s because I can end up in some very deep negative symptoms, I get frozen and mentally shut down… I also get disaffected, numb and detached from myself…

due to the deep negatives… maybe that is why the Geodon didn’t work for me and Latuda does.

I remember the day it started melting the deep frozen shut down that hit me and kept me pretty non-functional.

Well we are all unique- drugs dont effect everyone the same way. The term in school they use is “individual differences”- it’s a catch-all term for variance, basically. Getting the teletubbies theme song stuck in your head, especially the part where la-la says its name happens to the greatest of minds…Robert Sapolsky said that he had that stuck in his head while he was giving a lecture about individual differences…it’s just weird crap that happens.

So whether you get a song stuck in your head or you react “allergically” to alcohol like people in AA do, it’s just variance, simply put under the term “individual differences”.

So yeah, we are all infinitely unique, especially me!