Weird thing i noticed about schizophrenics

A lot of schizophrenics are wrapped inside a world of delusions along with many other symptoms. But if a schizophrenic is to read/hear another persons delusions, they can clearly determine them to be false, they can determine them to be not real at all. But that schizophrenics delusions are real as night and day to them. Maybe if we look at our delusions with a outside perspective we can determine them to be false. I really don’t know if this is relevant/irrelevant in your situation, just wanted to share.


Lack of insight of ones self is a hallmark symptom of certain severe mental illnesses like schizohrenia. It is very difficult if not impossible to look into our delusions and recognize them as false - some people have zero insight, it is just all part of this complex disorder/disease

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I already know about these things. but a question I ask is are you going to live defeated by this illness or do everything in your power to overcome it. @Wave

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Ahh I see where you are going with this now - being proactive and optimistic does help - sure


i agree.
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