Weird Stuff part 2

So I have delusions I am in a fixed time loop or possibly a causal loop for eternity living in a computer simulation of humanity. I felt like I was John Titor and Satoshi Nakamoto (inventor of Bitcoin), but I’m not. I feel like I time traveled many times and reincarnated and got abducted by aliens or something traumatic happened to me in college (base reality/one of my original lives/past lives), but I’m not so sure now. Trying to put the past behind me and I have no money at all – I’m schizophrenic.

I’m not sure if I’m ‘being watched’, if this forum is safe anymore, and I gotta use common sense on the internet, but ya, I got some paranoia and my IP address location / geo-location is different. Been like this for years now. I always have paranoia and delusions about it.

I’ve been to billions of parallel universes it feels like – some are real, but the number is probably less. I remember going to college in 2010/2011 and then getting paranoid schizophrenia in 2011 and coming home to pratically a death sentence from schizophrenia. I’m getting better but still have fears and paranoia and feel scared sometimes.

I posted some stupid stuff. All I can say is it felt real back then or at the time like ‘reincarnation’ or grey aliens and soul transfer and crap.

I felt like my life has been hell and worse than biblical hell for years and eternity. It’s like an eternal curse given to me by aliens.

I might delete this.

I honestly thought I got abducted by aliens and believe there is a ‘conspiracy behind it’ so it seems like I was ‘targeted’ but that could be just paranoia and delusions and me being a conspiracy theorist I guess…

Some of the parallel universes I went to are very different from this reality, like in my ‘dreams’ I went to Columbia University online and majored in Electrical Engineering for a master’s degree and designed a rectangular UFO for aliens, but it’s silly, and insane, really. I think I just got some spiritual curse going on.

I had delusions I was in the Illuminati in a parallel universe/past life; “Super Soldier” I guess in the SSP (Secret Space Program…); victim of several alien abductions and possible alien invasions; found out we live in the matrix/simulation seen it destroyed/rebooted several times and escaped it; been in the montauk project as a montauk boy; been in monarch as a victim a million times over ; was cloned; went to Dulce and Montauk and other places; time traveled; Illuminati victim; been to DUMBs and seen aliens and crap; feel like I got my brain or mind mapped in my original life and uploaded to a quantum super computer like my brain is in quantum super-position or something so that’s where my ‘thoughts and delusions’ are coming from and I can go into other timelines or go back in time and remember my traumas and stuff. I don’t know why I was a victim of all this.

Maybe I’m a cyborg or alien hybrid or something. I really do got a severe mental illness, but ya, I think I pissed off a lot of people by talking about my delusions that I thought were real at one time or another. I think a lot of it was fake and stuff like me being a super genius and stuff and having all these jobs and stuff and ‘inventions’. Perhaps I’m just grandiose and delusional. I apologize. None of it’s real, especially in this life/planet.

Perhaps, the worst thing was being angry at God or the government for ‘schizophrenia’ and saying stupid things while paranoid and psychotic years ago. Like I didn’t value my life or didn’t have self-preservation and lacked the ability to see a tangible future for myself. I feel traumatized and sad and crap.

The aliens constantly ‘tell me’ they took me to Mars and stuff and crap. I have no memories of it, but felt like I was in a base there or a room there, but probably wasn’t, really. Maybe I was…

Maybe I was just venting and stuff because I felt I was ‘tortured’ and crap in my past lives thousands of times, but it felt like more than that. I believed grey aliens were ultimately behind it, and even satan…

I really don’t know what else to say. I plan on improving my life and getting a job some day and making money and getting of SSI soon. I feel like I have a real future now.

Thank you.

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I read it. You’re welcome!

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Yeah. My mind took me to some horrible places.


Ya, same here. Especially when I dream or think too much or get stuck in my head.

Glad to hear it @johnnyboy1 !

I read the entire thing as well. I gotta tell you, you have/have had so many delusions I have a hard time keeping track of them all. Seems like your brain is going a 1000mph the way you type.

Good luck with improving yourself!


It’s probably the caffeine/energy drinks making my mind go 1000mph, which makes sense, but ya, I can’t stop them. I tried.


This is really great to hear. :+1:

I had persecution delusions, and a ton of other weird things happening. It’s no fun being stuck in a loop. I hope your future is brighter.

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