Weird problem with eating/not eating

I have this weird problem with food and just wondering if anyone can relate or can tell me what’s going on here?

Basically, I’ve never been one for eating breakfast, but lately I find that even if I don’t feel in the slightest bit hungry, I have to force myself to eat something in the morning. If I don’t make myself eat, then later in the day I start to feel sick and unwell, and then even though I know I need to eat it’s hard to make myself eat because I feel sick. So I feel like I’m in a catch 22…

Any thoughts on this? (ps, no recent med changes to explain it)


I have this thing too I eat less food than normal and my parents yell at me to eat

You probably feel sick due to low bloodsugar.
If you can’t eat in the morning, how about some drinking-yoghurt or a smoothie?


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Are you overweight? If so you might want to ask your doctor if you need to check your glucose levels.

Try up and go.

or a breakfast liquid.

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The same thing happens with me a lot when I’m depressed.

Yeah I could manage that, I should start making smoothies to keep in the fridge for mornings. Food in the morning just turns my stomach!

I guess that’s a good point… I am probably 20 - 25 pounds over weight, I have a yearly physical health check due at the end of this month so I’ll ask them to check that.

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