Weird phenomenons in schizophrenia

we are allways looking to expand are minds ability. in many forms and fashions.


How so? 15151515

I would say that the whole expand your mind with drugs was really something quite similar to sz. It’s all about brain chemistry. Only thing is that lsd wears off pretty quick ( relatively speaking ) whereas the brain chemicals in psychosis stick around a lot longer or until met by modern antipsychotics.

I tend to think that even enlightenment is a chemical process.

i think its to keep the mind building newer neting, from so many brake down and miss firer in the neural neting.

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Seeing alot of syncronisity is one of mine

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I think its how you perceive your world. Everything falls into place like mania.

Yah, but how to get there @rogueone. Oh a actually I know.

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