Weird memories from my Miami living

I have wondered many things that happened to me during my auto living 14 years ago in America. After 9-11-2001 I often went to the library of Dade County in Miami. Once I sat in the front of a library computer and two people came to me, a man and a woman, and this woman said to me that my God was Satan. Later in the library they organized an event of the United We Stand and they gave free sandwiches to people and I could not pass this opportunity to have a meal. Later this man told that he was in the US military and he had been stationed in Cuba but had become addicted to marijuana there. Weird stuff like that happened.

It is actually funny, in Sept 1999, two years before 9-11-2001 I had voices that I was with Satan and that I should be in Moscow, haven’t got so far yet, years have passed :smile: