Weird incident

I went to bed early Friday night so I could get up at 4:30 am to go do my Saturday morning job. I went to bed at 10:00 pm but I woke up at 12:00 am and I couldn’t fall back asleep so I got up out of bed. Coincidentally about five minutes later I heard a light knock on my front door. I don’t get many people coming to my door and certainly never at 12:05 am.'I looked out my peephole before answering and saw it was the neighbor lady from down the hall.
Now this women is a little younger than me. She was literally the first person i had met when I moved in 5 years ago. I had met her when I walked past our library in our complex and she was at one of the computers. I had walked in and we started talking and we hit it off right away. So I would see her after that and we would chat. And then she had invited me to a weekly poker game she was part of once a week. I never accepted the invitation but we have remained friendly for five years. And in fact I had subscriptions to 5 or 6 magazines and I used to give them to her when I finished with them.
So I opened my door. I couldn’t imagine what she would want at 12:00 am in the morning . So she says, “Nick, could you go buy me some Vodka”. At first I didn’t think I heard right. I said, “What”? She repeated,“Could you go to the store and buy me some Vodka”? I thought, “What the hell”? She looked very weird and strung out and desperate. I had never remotely seen her like this. She was always a poised and mature women. But she was a little pale and washed out looking. and I had never known she drank in five years. But she said she couldn’t go herself and she handed me a $20.00 bill. So being the pushover I am, I got dressed, combed my hair and drove to the store and got the Vodka. And incidentally, the store was filled with weird people. It looked like visiting hour at the zoo. It was all so bizarre. So I went to her apartment and knocked on the door. There was just a weird vibe but it just didn’t register.I felt I had seen the dark side of another person. Like I had seen into someones extremely private life when i shouldn’t have. She must be a secret alcoholic but I had no clue before this.Because we weren’t realy super close, just friendly. But she revealed her secret to me. Now our relationship has changed.It will be pretty weird when I see her again.


At least she had the good sense not to drive herself when she had been drinking and she knew she could count on you to be the sober one. Nothing stranger than life.

Amen to that…

My sister asked me to buy her a bottle of wine in a very similar fashion. I talked to by therapist about the possibility of her being an alcoholic and the therapist said probably she’s just an obsessive-compulsive because she only drinks one glass of wine - at night with her supper. My sister says she deserves it after a hard days work. Still it bothered me a little that she was so desperate that she sent me out on the streets of Chicago for wine.

off all the other people she could have gone to, she probably notices that you would be the most sympathetic and considering you have a connection to AA it’s uncanny. She most likely doesn’t know this, but it’s an odd coincidence.

I hope your friendship doesn’t get too weird, and maybe this is her odd way of reaching out to end the cycle.

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well, nick77, I think she’s “sweet” on you…good for you for being able to get her a bottle of vodka, I wouldn’t think you would’ve done that…shows compassion…

I hope she doesn`t make it a habit–or you will be doing a lot of midnight runs!

Don’t let this incident ruin your friendship… I mean… she drinking could mean anything… maybe she is going through hard time or something…

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Did she have a hot date waiting inside her apartment and ran out before they got drunk enough to boom chaka-chaka?