Weird feelings in the body

My voices give me weird feelings in my body like presure and pleasure in my spine arms and groin area and they say its eternal hell pain that I will get in that area does any one have their voices tell them this get the weird tactile halusinations in their body. Some times my body will move in a weird wave and my voices put the intrusive thought that its pain after death forever they say they do this to everone but iv never heard about it till they started doing it to me all also say all the pleasure I feel will be pain pretty much everthing is pain after death dose any one have this delusion or is just me?

I had tactile hallucinations, insects crawling on my body and biting. I scratched myself a lot for no reason all day. Medication stopped this.

YES. They manipulate my body and mess with it day and night. Some days are worse than others. I’m sorry you are going through this. I too am struggling with this constant body manipulation (though it sounds and feels like a device doing it). It has taken full control of my body before and that was absolutely terrifying. I felt an unseen force/energy above my head enter into my body and caused pain in every inch of my body (head all the way down to the toes) before this occurred. I have to listen to them all the time, and they frighten me by having synchronicities in my life, dreams, and things that they have told me. There is so much more that has/continues to happen(ed), but I am unable to write the years of the phenomena they have conducted in my life. I wish you the best of luck in things getting better; remember you aren’t alone in this! :no_mouth:

I had the sensation of being burned alive

i had the sensation of my intestines being tied into knots was very strange and freaky, ofcourse that stopped me from eating and drinking that day.

and some other strange sensations id rather not mention on here

i also had the sensation that my windpipe was slowly closing up by the minute and the voice said that if i dont manage to successfully escape the hospital that it would close up completely.

i was trying to escape shouting i cant breathe i cant breathe, i need to get outside, but ofcourse no one understood and they got the security guards to sit infront of the door of this tiny claustrophoic room with no windows

It is very real to me. They stop our gift by calling us mentally ill. We are hidden away in hospitals. Drugged into a helpless state and for gotten by distant relations who more than anything seek control over our windfalls. There just like the angry impoverished, they would stop us before we can ever make a dime. I owe them NOTHING!!

They do this to me when I lay down and sleep

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Sorry to hear that

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