Weird feeling around my tongue and head

i have very weird feeling when i pressed the area around my brow bone and the back of my head , i can feel the pressing of these areas excite my tongue’s nerve / the nerves underneathe the tongue which is about at the back of my tongue , it is like i am rolling back my tongue . I knew there is a side effect of APS where your tongue may roll out involuntarily , but instead i am rolling back , but out and i am not on APs and when i press the back of my head ( like massaging), i can feel there are some contraction of the nerves around the tongue and the jaw. I just found that it maybe relatad to the 12 pairs of cranial nerves and mine maybe problems of the Glossopharyngeal nerve and the vagus nerves . I just want to know if anyone also share the same problems or have similar experience and how u deal with that? i think that’s what make me think schizophrenia maybe a problem of virus infection because i can feel the abnormal feeling and it may be due to viral infection of the nerves , who knows?

It could be contraction of the muscles in your jaw and tongue area. Are you under stress? Sometimes I find that stress can cause me to clench my jaw which causes muscle pain in that region.

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I have that when I drink too much caffeine like coffee.

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maybe … i dun know, but it is not a pleasant feeling anyway abd it is not muscle ,. i would say it is the nerve at the backward of my tongue, like the cluster of nerve in this picture image