Weird fears and phobias?

What’s your weirdest fear?

I have a fear of puppets. The more they look like Muppets, the more uncomfortable they make me. I can’t even watch puppet shows on tv.
Those dead eyes, the flappy mouths, the abnormally large heads.


So anyways, what are you guyses weirdest fears?


Weirdest fear is that I can’t wear tight clothes. If I can’t get my shirt over my head I start to freak.

I used to have a fear of being kidnapped and tortured by someone in a van…

I am not afraid of that anymore…thank goodness…

Isopoda, whole Order of them. Don’t like em.


They remind me of some ancient fear I feel I’ve had for a long time.

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@Pikasaur I share your fear of muppets. Also, I’m terrified of fresh paper. The sharp stuff that causes papercuts.

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Also, I have synaesthesia, so I assign personalities and colours to letters and numbers (amongst other things)
As a kid I was scared of things that seemed angry or mean, like the number 7 or the letter x, or the sounds the washing machine made.

Our toilet was an old toilet, and it sounded really angry when it flushed, so I became convinced it would let me “do my business”, flush, and then eat me if I didn’t dart out of there.
My dad didn’t understand why he had to drag me crying and screaming into the bathroom to wash my hands (and I never got why I couldn’t just use the shower room to wash them in)
And he ended up doing this thing where he lifted the toilet lid up and down as if it was a mouth and said “hey Nova I’m nice, I won’t eat you”.
I felt like he underestimated my intelligence, so I just pretended to go along with it to humour him.

I have a fear of going highway speeds. I like driving 25 mph, any faster and I start getting uncomfortable until highway speeds and I’m terrified.


Cant think of anything atm.

When I was a kid I had fear of snakes.
Sometimes I was feeling snakes in my body, between my bowels, in my stomach etc.

As a kid had fear of butterflies

I am afraid of STDs as I am afraid to have sexual contact as i could get an STD. Also i am paranoid about getting any kind of worms in my gut, so wash my hands like 20 times a day.

Fear of acceleration ! I’m ok with speed but if a car accerates to that speed quickly I hate it. I can’t go on fairground rides for the same reason.

I have many weird fears, but at this exact moment i also have a fear of the internet so i darent post them. :roll_eyes: I forgot meds yesterday. Just took meds, maybe in an hour i dare talk again. :slightly_smiling_face:

I despise ventriloquist dummies.

Every once in a while, I’m fearful of everything. So, I lie still and don’t move. I panic if I have to move. Luckily, it doesn’t happen often.

My son was terrified of butterflies when he was about two. We brought the kids to this butterfly exhibit room that was filled with them, and he went nuts screaming and crying. We wheeled his stroller right out of there!

I am emetophobic, or scared of vomit. It’s bad enough that if someone coughs in the car, I get scared. My kids humor me and take Dramamine before long road trips, and I give them baggies in case they start to feel ill. I am a wreck on a plane. Any closed in space makes it so much worse. If someone is sick in the house, I won’t use the bathroom unless they are asleep or near the downstairs bathroom, and even then, I rush because I’m terrified that they will need to throw up. It’s not as bad as it used to be. My parents used to be unable to get me in a car at all. My sister got carsick, hence my issues.


Good to know I’m not alone

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Odd, same as me, tho I can’t recall having that fear until after my encounter at 13 years old with the serial killer “The hillside strangler.”
4 hours of being stalked at a mall only to have him approach me while solo and say 'wanna go out to my van with me and get high?"
Uh…not really when all I could think of was this creep and his friend leaving my tortured body dead on a back country road.

I’ve always had a fear of losing my mind. Too late, it alteady happened.

I dont like insects. Especially moths.

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