Weird dreams, do they mean something

So for a while now i been having dreams that i am having a psychotic episode and each dream ends with me sitting in the lotus position telling myself to wake up… im diagnosed with schizophrenia but i take abilify and i dont experience any symptoms unless i get off my meds

All dreams are weird and they mean nothing…


Yeah i’ve had some pretty weird dreams, too.

welcome back!

Mine could be made into good movies.

there’s tons of books on interpreting your dreams,
maybe you could look into this.

Dreams are communication from your subconscious. There are different opinions on what they mean but there has been a fascination for the meaning of dreams since the beginning of time and in all cultures including indigenous ones. You can start writing them down, if you feel like it. I used to discuss my dreams with my psychotherapist.


Dreams are sacred. And can tell you a lot about yourself and your life. Figuring out what they mean is the hard thing.

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