Weird dream

I was having a stressful day in the dream. I decided to let it all go and jump into a lake that was by my house, in full clothes. I was laughing when I surfaced, and the tension was gone. I noticed a business man had jumped in with me, it was Robin Williams! He made a joke about how we had both jumped in and we swam out together. But we were met by these three people running, a big fat man, a tall woman and a short woman. They told us to run too. So we ran and shortly we saw they were running because a massive wildfire had broken out in the woods we were in.

The big guy tried to lead us up a mountain but I knew we’d only get trapped there. I turned to run back down and had everyone follow me. I lead us out of the woods and into town where we came upon this museum that according to Robin Williams was really cool. So they decided to go there but I had to go home because I’d been gone a long time and my mom would be wondering where I was. Robin Williams said “Oh yeah, it’s because you’re 11 right?” And I was about to correct him and then changed my mind and said yes, I was 11. I asked them if I could meet up with them after I went home and they said yes, if I made it there before 9 pm. So I raced home and hurried to shower. I didn’t look like an 11 year old in the mirror, I looked like my normal self, but I actually looked like this tiny 11 year old with long brown hair and big brown eyes and was quite adorable. (I am 21 with short blonde hair and green eyes in real life)

So anyways I rushed back to the museum just as it was almost 9. Robin Williams was performing a show where he was a powerful wizard who was banishing these giant monsters made of light. It looked so cool. I was so excited when it finished and ran up and told him I had powers too and we could fight together. He told me it was all an act and he was done hanging out with me because I smelled bad. :confused: I told him that this was just one dimension out of many that I had lived in and this girl was one of my many lives. I showed him how I could fly. He just seemed to want to leave as soon as possible. My other new friends still wanted to hang out though so they made me feel better at his rejection. The dream ended with all my friends turning into cartoon dinosaurs as we walked off to our next adventure. Yeah. Weird.


I guess you are a big fan of robin Williams.

Hahaha I am it’s true. I was somewhat awestruck in the dream and I watched a tv show last night that had an actor that reminded me of him. I’m still very sad about his death.

I like that dream. I like my dreams often too.

Wow good dream…it played out in my mind like a cartoon very vivid…

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