Weird dream of mine

Sometimes just before waking up I have weird dreams as I had today.

In my dream I was on a tour in Israel, but it was too warm for me and then I was taken to a tour in some other parts of Israel, but suddenly we were in Finland driving through the summer nature. We went over one lake that was full of black snakes that were not poisonous and then suddenly I was in the sauna with some people and one of these people was my high school classmate whom I have not seen since 1986 and he was also interested in Israel and then he suggested that we go to another area of Israel but this area is in Finland.

This is just one example of my weird dreams. How was it so that we were in Israel and Finland at the same time?

This dream made me to think matters and one that came to my mind was that the nature in Finland is so rich compared to that of Israel where there is so much desert.

In my dreams I can move from distant places to other distant places. I’ll be in Oklahoma, and say, India will be just up a hill, or maybe across a road or intersection. When I dream about snakes it is usually when I’m having problems that are difficult to solve. One time in high school I dreamed about a snake that had the periodic table of elements as its markings. I was having trouble in chemistry class.