Weird Delusions of mine?

Is it weird if I rather feel safer in forests more than my own home. I always feel like I’m being watched or followed… It scares me a little. But yeah… Is this weird or normal?


Pretty normal. There are times when i’d want to be in the forest.

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In Japan they used to put the psychotic in the forest before there were anti-psychotics as the main way of healing


Sometimes I get connected to nature as well :slight_smile: It’s not weird at all!

that’s not weird at all. but when does that feeling of being watched occur?

Normal, I feel this too. I feel like my spot behind my PC is contaminated. My voices make me feel this. But my attitude to think I’m 99,7 % of 100% GOOD, has been a new mental med for me to get ridd of this. You know… the guys talking inside us, seem to try to mess up our minds and make us believe we are nothing worth. NEVER BELIEVE THIS BULLS*HIT. Also, there has never lived ANY people being 100% perfect so don’t let this affect you too much. Remember that God doesn’t abandon no-one even if we have made some mistakes in our lives.

Human beings evolved outdoors in places like forests. There we learned to recognise an organic and living environment. Our nervous systems and spacial awareness are ‘at home’ because over millennia we used it to navigate the landscape. Meadows and Savannah have a similarly calming effect on us.

Rooms and cityscapes are angular and have stern facades which is why we sometimes feel very stressed. So, you’re more likely to suffer mental illness in a city.

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It’s not normal to feel you are being watched. It IS normal for a SZ to feel he or she is being watched. It might be something you would like to get some distance from. It might ripen into something quite harmful or it could just dry up and eventually disappear. The latter is definitely preferable to the former. You can’t live in the forest, but it IS comforting to know you can go there.