Weird day today

I ran out of Resperidone last week. I am supposed to take 4mg in the morning and 4mg at night but since I was low, I was only taking 4mg total for each day for last Monday and Tuesday to stretch it out. I usually have it mailed to me but when I called the pharmacies 24 hour automated refill line they said it would take 3 to 10 days to reach me. Wednesday I called during business hours and told the lady I would pick it up in person the next day when I saw my therapist who is in the same building. Well after my meeting with my therapist I forget to get my medication.Yeah. So I called the pharmacy and told them I would pick it up on Friday but after work I was so tired I decided to wait. Big mistake. I have gone two days a few times without medication, I figured I would be alright. I was sure I could go four or five days without relapsing. Saturday morning I felt a little iffy. Sunday I ignored it. Well I woke up this morning to go to work and I was relapsing. Definitely. I ALWAYS have paranoia and symptoms but I had forgotten what REAL symptoms are. The overwhelming kind. Well now I know again.I was bad off. Not a full-blown relapse but uncomfortable strange feelings in my body and mind. I didn’t know if I would be able to control myself. So I called in sick. Which was a big deal since two co-workers got fired last month and we’re down to three people. My boss was pissed.VERY. But I had no choice. So I waited a couple of hours until the pharmacy opened and drove down there. Came home and took my meds and then took a nap. I felt better so I made 4 or 5 phone calls. I had a leisurely breakfast, straightened the house, scooped the cat box. Took another nap. Just an hour ago I cleaned the interior of my car. My day sucked but I feel better now and I accomplished some things. My life sucks in a lot of ways but I’m doing my best.


This was a scary experience of running out of meds, 77nick77. Order your meds in time next time and don’t skip it. Glad you have managed it well. Take care.

I’m glad your back on an even keel and was able to get your footing back so soon. I hope the rest of the week you can keep getting better.

Good for you for noticing what was happening and taking that day off. I know it’s never easy.

You gotta do what you gotta do to get done what you need to get done.

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