Weird belief i have about Eggs

I believe if you eat eggs raw the chicken baby joins your body mind and spirit. If you fry or boil them its like commiting abortion against the chickens baby.

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I believe Alfred Hitchcock had a fear of eggs.


The eggs at the supermarket aren’t fertilized. It’s more like eating a period rather than a fetus.


Well it is only half the baby and thus not actually a life. Just an egg without a sperm

Don’t worry you’re okay

Eating raw eggs is a health risk. Eggs from the store are unfertilized so they will never become chickens. So you aren’t eating potential baby chickens.

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Glad I am vegetarian… but egg is unfertilized, there is nothing in there but yolk and protein.

Im not a vegetarian , but i typically only eat meat if im dining out.

Paging @Brucewillis!


Mmm pickled protein globs of the unborn.


It reminds me of the first collection of poetry I published. There was a poem about my girlfriend back then laying her head on my chest (post coitus) and then asking me “why do hens lay eggs?”

I immediately associated something about her cyclus and her ovulation as the best time to make sex. My girlfriend as a sexy hen laying one egg monthly.

Unfortunately i haven’t got any of my poems left and the collection was sold out so i can’t get them back.

Sounds more like a moral belief you have.

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