Weight loss

What’s the best diet and exercise for losing weight from meditations?

Eat chicken and turkey
Whole grains
Lots fruits and vegetables
Try reducing your bread and potato
Try to have bread every other day instead of daily and increase your exercise


I just decided to lose 7 pounds a month by cutting my portions in half and getting on my exercise bike for 15 minutes a day. My long term goal is to lose 80 pounds, so at this rate it will take a year, but that’s ok. I’m just focusing on the 7 pounds a month for now. I will definitely be posting about it if it works. Wish me luck


For me, the best way to lose weight was going to the gym a few times a week.

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I just take appetite suppressants. I don’t even work out and I lose weight.


Just scroll over weight loss and you will see a list of appetite suppressants, metabolism support, and fat burners.


I’m already eating a healthy low calorie diet and still gaining, so my next task is adding in an hour of daily walking, eventually leading to jogging/running if my RA cooperates, that I’ll start as soon as we get moved in a couple weeks.


I’ve lost some weight by going low carb and doing workout dvds.


I’ve been having some knee pain by here’s a list of my treadmill sessions on MS-Excel.


I’m on a perpetual, never ending diet. A calorie restriction diet. I count my calories on an app called www.MyFitnessPal.com everyday. I never drink my calories. I just take plain black decaf coffee and plain, lukewarm tap water and that is it. I eat whatever and whenever I want to, I just stay within a certain number of calories each day. I also exercise everyday doing something that I love. For me, that is yoga and playing the piano. I also take the stairs in my apartment complex. I weigh myself once a week. That is my recipe for weight loss and maintenance. I’ve been maintaining my ideal body weight for the last three years.


What appetite suppressants have you took that help you lose weight? I’m trying to find 1 that won’t make you manic.