Weight loss tips anyone?

@anon1571434 here’s looking at you mate! :joy:
Do you have any advice for how I can lose weight, good things to eat?

I need to loose this baby weight, it’s not a want, it’s a need! I’m so ready to get back on the dating scene. But one thing is missing… my confidence :frowning:

I have bought a body bible that has a few recipes in it and exercises, but I feel like it’s not enough!

I have also bought a yoga mat for excerising and and a weight set for ladies :joy:

Wish me luck.

Here’s a before baby picture…

And an after…


Eat less
Skip bread some days
Eat lots fruit and vegetables and increase your exercise
Having said that I’m bigger than you and not loosing much weight right now


Oh mannn, I love bread :weary: I think I will eat less of it though and switch to a whole grain!
Maybe your metabolism needs a kick, apparently Tabasco and chillis can kick your metabolism up!
I hate spicy things tho lol


I love bread too but do without it for one day and you’ll feel better I would not cut it out completely

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There is no trick to it,

You just have to eat in moderation and exercise.

Exercise makes all the difference, even if its just a brisk walk a few days a week,

You’ll notice the difference.


Things kinda just change after you have a baby.

You have to try harder to get that hard body back.

Maybe you could do some crunches a couple days a week to target that area that’s bothering you.

All that said,

You look great.

Don’t get caught up in comparisons and give yourself a hard time,

You made a human person inside that body, give it a break…



Has anyone tried sprouted bread? Around here it’s easy to find and not too expensive. It’s flourless and made from living sprouts of different grains. My three favorite brands are Ezekiel, Silver Hills, and Alvarado Street. The best bet is 100% sprouted, some of them are only 50%, which means the rest is usually a flour. These breads are awesome for diabetics and people who want to limit their simple carbs. They can take getting used to, but I really enjoyed them when I have bought a loaf. Just a nice healthy way to still enjoy bread.

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I have arm muscles from lifting my baby who’s already a stone heavy :joy:

But youre right; just gonna hit the excercise hard!
I don’t have any time limits on this, but I am talking to this new lad and I want to be my best self :joy:


I’ve never seen that anywhere before in the UK but maybe I’ll look onlineB

You don’t look overweight to me, but if you have to lose weight to have confidence that’s just what you have to do.


I was writing a response to this and I was caught in the middle of, “should I use this as an opportunity to sell my services or do I do what I always do and hand out free advice?” And I think I found a compromise.

I will make youtube videos about this if you promise to watch them. That way it benefits us both. It helps me get noticed and you learn something useful.

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I will definitely watch!!! :slight_smile:

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I’ll subscribe aswell :smiley:

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I can stream it live so that if there are any questions, you can ask me right away. How about that?

Sounds good to me :slight_smile: when will you do it?

Is 30 minutes from now okay?

Or any other time between now and the next 3 hours?

Next two hours would be ideal as Oli will be in bed!


So 9:15 pm Universal Time Zone?

Yeah or I’m ready now? :slight_smile: can i watch live on my iPhone? :slight_smile:

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Yes of course! I will get everything set up and post the link in here. If you have any questions just type them in the chat. I’ll be answering your first question about weight loss first and then I’ll get to any that might come up after.

Just a few requests from me. Is it okay if I put the chat onto the screen so that if anyone watching later knows when I am speaking and when you are?

And let’s try not to mention sz.com or reference to it so that people here can stay anonymous please.

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