Weight loss progress

I am down to 166.6 this morning after a pee. that means i have lost 21 or so pounds in the last two months. i feel great about myself now, my goal is 160 then i will start running again hopefully


What did you do to lose that ? Well done!


eating under or at 1000 calories most days of the week, eating only once a day. a medication change from seroquel and rexulti to abilify has also helped.


That’s a severe calorie restriction. It might not be safe. You could develop physical problems.


Reducing calorie intake to 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day for women and 1,500 to 1,800 calories per day for men. Women should not restrict themselves to fewer than 1,000 calories per day and men to fewer than 1,200 calories per day without medical supervision.

You could end up damaging your internal organs dude…

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Great job! Congratulations!!!

Wow that is great news @eduvigis! Congrats!!!

I think 1000 calories is a little low though and you should eat more meals spread out through the day. I think you should build up to 1500 a day and spread out small meals now that you’ve reached pretty much your target weight and the abilify seems to be helping a lot with the weight loss. Up to u though.

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That is SCARY! I had no clue it was possible to damage internal organs with calorie restriction. I’ll search about it online and try to find an alternative. With this crash diet I am losing 1 pound per day.

Just bump up your calories to over 1200 at the very least. You’ll still be able to lose weight.

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1 pound a day is too fast man. I used to have an eating disorder. Even if it wasn’t anorexia it was pretty close. I was down to 120 pounds senior year in high school after 170 junior year. It was unhealthy but I think you’re not yet damaging your organs but you should chill with the abrupt weight loss goals. Now that you’re at a good weight you should just try to maintain for the most part. I’m 5’6 170 and I’m very comfortable at this weight. Although I might be a little less now since I’ve been excercising and stopped drinking completely for all I know.

I used to have an eating disorder too @Goyankees, it came from severe depression and habits I had learned in JV wrestling in freshman year. In hindsight, maybe you didn’t suffer from an eating disorder? I feel like at that age everyone can lose huge amounts of weight with no effort, then at some point in college they get the freshman 15 or whatever. I’ll consider bumping my calories up to like 1200-1500 or thereabouts, I would definitely be much happier eating more. Some days of the week I eat up to like 1300 calories, so I’m not strictly on the 1000 calorie diet. Anyhow, I feel good, my libido is normal and my mood hasn’t changed, maybe that means this isn’t harming me internally.

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I was actually 120 my junior year of college still. The only thing that made me gain weight was meds. But then I’d go off them and lose a lot of weight because I only ate when I had the munchies from pot. And I was obsessed with working out. I do believe I had an eating disorder. But I’m not gonna dwell on it because the past is the past. Abilify made me much less insecure and ever since I have not worried too much about weight. I used to not eat much at all especially summer between junior and senior year of HS.

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As a teenager pre schizophrenia I was around 135 lbs, quite a bit healthier than your 120. What’s important I think is maintaining a healthy BMI. As a short dude any extra weight puts me in the overweight category. It doesn’t help that I have hypertension. These things might put me at risk of heart diseases later in life. So I am very strict, I want to get down to 160 lbs and stay there. You have posted before that you have fluctuated down to 160 or thereabouts before. After gaining weight it was always a final thing for me, I was at 190 or so and there was no fluctuation. Now I am just challenging myself to get down to 160, if I get there I will be happy to go back up to 170 or so. It is more about the journey and less about the goal.

It is interesting that you say Abilify has made you more insecure, I feel it has done the same thing to me. Now all I can think about is “what do they think of me, oh, they are all judging me” and other sort of catastrophic thinking. It certainly ups your anxiety, though I think I have been handling it well. I know you are a regular Klonopin user, I myself have found that I have to rely on benzos as well to function, unlike you I try and space my ativan out at least 2-3 days to prevent tolerance. I trust it so much that I don’t want it to start leaving me hanging. I also don’t know if my pdoc will be willing to prescribe me more once I run out.

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wow good job and well done!!! it is amazing.

Please make sure you eat very healthy and more than 1000 calories! I as a woman eat 1200 minimum a day.
You can add a nice healthy shake to your diet such a banana/strawberries/apple/blueberries with coconut milk.

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I just went back to the VA after a two year break and one thing the shrink mentioned is that I went from 172 lbs to 220 lbs. I hadn’t been to see a VA doctor since this time in 2015.

I told him I had put on 40 lbs since I started taking Latuda.

But I don’t think I look like I have put on over 40 lbs. I must have been really skinny.

I tried going off of Latuda last month but I felt so bad I started taking it again.

Good for you.

I have made up my mind that I am going to try to lose 20 lbs and get back to around 200 or so. 172 was too skinny for my height

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Also, @eduvigis, your body believes it’s starving right now (because it is), so once you start eating normally again your body will desperately store the calories as fat just incase you ever starve again…
If you eat more vegetables and eat many small meals each day, your body will be happy that you’re not starving and your metabolism will speed up. When you start exercising, you’ll need more calories (protein) to build muscle and make your body a calorie burning machine. :blush:
You should be proud of your discipline and commitment, but be careful to be healthy or it’s not worth it. :heart:

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