Weight loss and medications

I remember when I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in February 2017, for almost a year I was miserable, worst experience ever. I’m February 2018 I discontinued medication and was off for a year before going back on due to delusions coming back. My delusions never really went away but on medications their more manageable. I gained 80 pounds while on medication the first time but when I discontinued I lost 50…with effort. Since being put on. I am still losing weight. I don’t take medication regularly which isn’t good but I do take them most days, sometimes skipping a week or a couple days. Not intentionally. At first, this experience was scary…I lost friends, family treated my different, my mind is different and still is, I gained weight, my whole life changed and I thought I was doomed forever, but I’m here to say, it gets better. My life will never be the same but you cope and adjust to your new life and you find happiness again. It’s a blessing and curse.