Weight gain

I use to weigh 100 pounds in high school then I weighed 130 pounds for years in my early twenty’s. I am 4’9 and carry my weight well. I went up to highest 150 now go between 140 something 150 . I’ve dated alot does that make me look like a joke because of my weight

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No, there is guys that like chubby women. If you feel bad from your weight then try to loose it by cutting calories and exercising.


The girl I have a celebrity crush on is really overweight.she is fat but she’s just gorgeous.

I prefer my body to be slim or size eight but I think others can look great overweight but I want myself to not be overweight.

I’m a bit upset I put on weight and my stomach is big and my pants don’t fit me and I can’t seem to exercise today.

I would date someone overweight.
Depends what person they are etc

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