Weight gain, waking late, and metabolism

I’m tryna find studies to back this up

I think going to bed late, and either sleeping a normal amount or oversleeping but waking in the afternoon causes weight gain and a slow metabolism.

I reckon daylight in the morning, and even breakfast somehow forces the body to burn more calories.

No matter what I do I struggle to shift the flab. I’m bigger from muscle growth but the fat is hardly changing

My only option is to quit dessert and junk food
Or start doing cardio on top of my weight training

I think I’ll keep eating sweet food cos life is short

And focus on early mornings, and 1 hour walking 5 days a week minimum.

Walking is still cardio :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s tough when I can’t even sleep on time; even with benzos.

Sorry to moan.


all what have you mentioned could help and i suggest you use medication to help lose weight first one is metformin is potent in reducing weight but be caution it has severe side effect like lactic acidosis and vitamin b12 defeciency and insomnia( i suffer form insomnia now due to metformin) and other side effects and i dont recommend it and second one is gymnema sylvestre its herbal medicine but there is case reports about liver hepatitis and dont recommend either due to safety issues and third is alpha lipoic acid it has modest weight lowering effect and considered to be safe and finally is green coffee it help reduce visceral fat and its safe to use

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Set an alarm. Wake up at an early hour. I do 5am. It helps and I’m awake before my alarm pretty much most days.

Work from there. Don’t sleep after you eat…I do sometimes but not great. Do exercise and burn the energy.

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