Weight Gain + Saphris + Food Intake + Exercise = Better Lifestyle

Hi Everyone,

I have been on Saphris for a couple of months after having a couple of tremors from Abilify and Latuda. I gained a significant amount of weight on latuda and a little bit on Abilify. After reading some forums about people having experience with weight gain on med’s… I want to share my experience and what I found helpful to maintain the same weight before going on med’s. I am currently NOT consuming any starch food. That means… no rice, pasta, noodles, bread or potato, etc. I lost all the weight I gained from Abilify and Latuda after changing my food consumption. I also try to walk at least 30 minutes a day or go to the gym every day and do cardio at least 30 minutes to 1 hr & 30 minutes. For some, this may be a challenge, but I think as long as you take your med’s to live a normal life, eat the right food and exercise…your life will be better and you will feel much happier. You just need to make adjustments. I was diagnosed in 2000 as Paranoid Schizophrenic and I know and understand I have a life long illness. I will continue taking my meds, eating right and excising.

I wish everyone the best!


Good for you! I find that if I don’t eat right I can’t manage as well too. Have you ever tried fruit drinks? The 3 1/4 servings of fruits and vegetables ones, not the value size jugs of cranberry juice that are basically one cranberry mixed with grape juice and a ton of sugar.

But you do eat whole grains right? From what I’ve heard you can’t just cut out a whole food group! Or did a medical professional tell you that was ok? (If so they are probably right) all I heard was that if you cut out all carbs you are just losing water weight or something.