Weight gain because of bad memory?

I am beginning to wonder if a lot of my weight gain from using Risperdal was from simply not remembering everything I have eaten during the day.

Yes, I think the drug makes me crave food and it probably slows my metabolism down a bit but the calories still have to come from somewhere and unless I keep records, I really have not much idea how much I’ve eaten.

It’s evening now, and I certainly don’t remember everything I ate today, let alone if I’ve overeaten or undereaten in the past 7 days…past month…etc…

I think food diaries work well for me but it’s a slow process losing weight. If you burn 500 calories net a day thats only 500/3500=0.14 lbs a day so it would take you 280 days or about 9 months to lose 40 pounds.

I think more realistically I am losing 0.3 lbs per week on average now so for me to lose 40 more lbs will take 40/(0.3/7) = 933 days or 2.5 years!

Slowly but surely!


If you have a smart phone you could try the Myfitnesspal app. That’s what I’m doing. You put in your weight, height, and age, and how many calories you want to lose a week and it helps you figure out how many you should eat. More importantly it has a food tracker so you just whip out you phone and plug in what your eating (it gives a calorie count for everything you eat and keeps up with that too).


Thanks… I used myfitnesspal for about 2 years but i got tired of entering stuff in. It did teach me how to eat better though.

I am now using my own app which is voice recognition based. I pretty much just watching calories and make sure i get plenty of veggies and fruit and cut sodium and bad carbs. Its still a slow process for me especially since a lot of family events come up where i tend to eat a lot.

I still want to enjoy food, but it is sort of like listening to music… If you give them up for awhile you appreciate them more when you come back to them.

I can see that. My memory isn’t that bad. I think the main cause is increased hunger and lowered metabolism.

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