Weight gain and looks

Does weight gain make your true looks bad?

Too much, yes. 15

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i lost 6 stone twice since 2000 weight gain from meds , i need to lose 6 stone again 3rd time lucky and i hope it stays off this time

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It’s not considered acceptable to say this today, but, yes. Fat is unattractive to the majority. If it was a turn on the majority of porn stars would be plumpers, and they’re not. From the little I’ve looked, most seem like they could stand to eat a sandwich or two.

freedom of speech is ok, plus this world is gone too PC imo

I don’t think a person should try to be hurtful, but I do think there is a need to be honest first and foremost. In my own case – and I’m speaking as an alcoholic who works on his recovery on an ongoing basis – dishonesty is the fastest path back to the bottle. The truth will keep me free.


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