Weighing in at 138

I haven’t been this size in a long time.


You mean you’ve lost weight… ???


That’s not very much unless you’re really short…

just about 5’8, little under according to the nurse,
but not my former volleyball coach. ha.

Did you intentionally lose the weight you lost?

no, just having hard days.
if I was working out, I’d be in my 150s, great appetite.

I just started taking an antidepressant a week ago. It has curbed my appetite, I’m expecting to lose some weight soon.

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I would talk to your gp about your wieght loss. Sounds alarming to me. (Although I don’t know what is normal for you per say) If your normal is 150 though, then I think it’s definitely something to look into.

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that’d be okay. it kills the libido though.
I’m on Venlefaxine.

every appointment if and when I can get in says everything is good.
who knows.

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Yes, that’s true. I don’t need my libido right now, but it kills any prospects of hitting on a foxy girl. As I said, I just started taking it, so not sure about all side effects yet. Libido already took a nose dive though.

I take prozac. Used to take venlafaxine until about 4 years ago.

ha, okay, never took that one, Prozac. I think it’s got a bad rep. but hope it serves well with you.

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Yes, it is no longer in fashion, at least in these parts of the world. But my pdoc still prescribes it.

Besides lower appetite, I noticed increased visual focus (I can also better control my strabismus, which is great news). I guess we’ll see, it’s still early days.

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a lot of people still take the older ones, good for you.

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