Weekend Reading

Yesterday I completed the book “Lit” by Mary Karr which means that i have read all the books by mentally ill people in the Library. I will read what will probably be a more disturbing book next called “Winter Is Coming” by Gary Kasparov about Russia under Vladimir Putin. I’ll later read an old autobiography about Albert Einstein which I hope holds together. When you are poor the Library is great to have around.


I read over half of “Lit” but her son was a spoiled brat, and she was privileged despite condemning her mother,

so I didn’t finish it. I felt for her childbirth though, and the physical struggle she had after having her son.
She’s one of these women who will always be recognized and rewarded,

because she thinks she deserves it, which is usually how addictions get started.

I’ve noticed that a lot of recovery stories amount to finding the right drug after everything goes wrong throughout the rest of the book, or a situation where the person is fairly privileged and is able to afford to go long periods of being incompetent or out of work because of a lot of financial support or a friendly academic system. The interruptions caused by our illnesses or addictions cause many of us to depend on public support, or our parents instead. Also a lot of them don’'t have a major prodomal phase to contend with and are successful early in life and some probably are the lucky one episode full recoveries that make up a small part of the mental illness population. I have read a few stories where full recovery doesn’t happen and the sufferer’s story is enhanced by family members and is stable for the time being. I do not know enough about addictions to know if your arguments about them are true.

I must say however that a lot of addictions get started when someone self-medicates for an underlying mental illness.

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biased view here, when I say men have it harder with mental illness,

and women have it harder with addictions.

Just because of ours and others programming.
Not sure. Want to read more characters in novels with ailments,

guess I’ll have to do it myself.

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