Weekend Motivation Thread

I would rather just sit in front of the computer or ly on the couch all weekend, but things are piling up and need to at least get the living room cleaned for Halloween night, don’t want to look like a total slob,

Soooo thought a Motivation thread would be good to help motivate each other, you know throw out insults on what a slob I am, post pic’s of what we all need to get done over the weekend or comments on how to go about it.

We can motivate each other

I use the libraries computer/internet they kick me out in a few minutes lol. So need more motivation on the weekend. Worst is when I start making plans and can get hold of anyone till Monday 9am to start getting moving on projects.

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I will vacuum. I will vacuum. I will vacuum.
I will shower. I will shower. I will shower.

I will take a load of stuff to the Salvation Army drop-off center.


OH no I was not expecting the “S” word to be mentioned in this thread, caught me off guard



Damn who knew, I was talking about a shower

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Saturday morning sitting at the computer having my tea, should I just waste the day?

I should work out. But I am still sore from yesterday’s workout. I should also clean the living room and do the dishes. I’ll start with the dishes, since that is the easiest chore.

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Noo its noon I have till 2…I need to vacuum…do the dishes…shower…laundry…■■■■…I’ve got a kidney stone to add a nice little cherry on top…this motivation thread isn’t working…must be on a smoke break…

Oh man, not another kidney stone. That sounds painful. :frowning:

I think my history with kidney stones has enhanced my pain threshold… I don’t even go to the doc for them any more…its on the level of low migraine now…its more annoying than painful…mostly…

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Well, this too shall pass. (Pun intended)

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That’s the part the I’m afraid of lol…from the kidney to the bladder sucks…but from the bladder to exit stage left is a torrent of suck…and we hijacked a motivation thread to talk about kidney stones…lol

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Okay, I swear I am doing the dishes as soon as I post this.

I vacuumed did the dishes and swept…dreading shower and laundry…but its not really much today I did most of it yesterday…dam laundry…OK shower is done…just laundry…my old nemisis…


Dishes are clean!


I’m doing good here to Nap Has Been Taken :stuck_out_tongue:


Next up on the list: clean living room! To be done…NOW!


Dooooo ittt…1515moredescription

You all still use dishes?

I swapped to paper plate years ago.

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